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The Transmission Repair International GmbH was founded with the intent to repair automatic transmissions in orginal equipment quality. This corporate philosophy and the continious perfection of tests … read more…

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Special flushing

Spezielle Spülung mit Neubefüllung des Getriebes

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Das weltweit modernste Gerät für die Spülung des Automatikgetriebes mit dem damit verbundenen Ölwechsel.

Maintenance ZF-Transmission

Maintenance recommendation ZF – automatic transmission

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Maintenance recommendation ZF – automatic transmission
5-, 6-, and 8-gear transmission, as well as 4HP20 automatic-transmission

Which oil?

Which Liqui-Moly Engine-/Transmission oil should I use for my vehicle?

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Which Liqui-Moly Engine-/Transmission oil should I use for my vehicle?

How can I tell a gearbox failure?

  • Transmission changes the gears with a jerk.

    Automatic transmission should change gears without a jerk. If this is not the case, there is the possibility of a mechanical-hydraulic error or an error in the control electronics (sliders, control unit). If there is an error in the control , the error is usally stored in the error register and can be read out with the fitting tester. If there is an mechanical or hydraulic error,normally the transmission has to be removed and seperated.

  • When changing gears the transmission slides through.

    What would you envisage under this ? When you drive with a manual transmission and press the clutch , the transmission slides through. The same thing also happens with an automatic transmission, but you have no control over that. An automatic transmission is built up differently, than a manual transmisssion. In general there are three clutch drums in the transmission. These again contain multiple clutch packs, consisting of steel- and friction discs. These have a precisley defined working relationship. The transmission does not change gears until the oil pressure has pressed the friction discs together. When the wear and tear becomes too big, then there is not enough pressure to press the friction discs together. . That leads to the slipping-through-effect. As a result entsteht it occurs an overheating and the oil burns (it turns black and smells burnt). In this case the transmission has to be removed and overhauled.

  • When starting there is a delay.

    A delay when starting can have different causes. Normally the build up pressure is not enough to press steel and friction dics together. Only when you step on the gas, the car begins to drive. But also an error in the sliderbox can cause this problem. When for example a piston hangs, only when you give more gas, the piston gets acitivated. The gear kicks in with a hard jerk.

  • In the upper gears it is easy to change gears (RPM fluctuates).

    RPM fluctuates in the upper gears … This indicates that there is a converter problem .The torque converter lockup clutch lowers the RPM by a few hundreds while remaing constant speed . Only now there is a stiff connection between the engine and the transmission. When the lock-up clutch doesn’t work properly (because of wear and tear) the RPM fluctuates.

  • When driving up to the intersection the engine shuts off.

    When stopping the engine shuts off … In this case the convertor or the torque converter lockup valve is defect. There is a permanent fixed conncetion between the engine and transmission. When the RPM gets to low, a stalling of the engine takes place. In this case you should go to a repair shop as soon as possible.

  • Vehicle doesn’t drive at all.

    This can have different causes. Firstly you should check, if the drive components (drive shaft or cardan shaft) is still in tact. If so, the transmission needs to be removed. Only after the disassembeling of the transmission one can do a further error analysis.

  • Transmission makes noise.

    To locate noises is very difficult. There are many possibilities for the arising of noise. (shaft, bearing, planet etc…), that transfer themselves to other mechanical components. In any case go to a specialist workshop.

What should I do ?

Get the transmission fault memory read out in a workshop or on our premises.
Then check the transmission fluid. If it is black or smells as though burnt, mechanical damage to the transmission should be assumed. If it is still pink and faults are contained in the transmission fault memory, such as “magnetic valve defective”, it may be that you “only” have a problem in the control electronics.
In both cases, move the vehicle as little as possible, otherwise further damage may be done.
On our premises, we offer you a very Inexpensive solution.
A complete diagnosis will cost you only € 20.00.We’ll give you a cost estimate that depends on the diagnosis.

Our specialist team

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